My Favorite Photos

This is a collection of my personal favorite photos that I've taken over the years.  These are the shots that keep me pushing to do better, to capture something even more amazing.  Each one has a story, and a permanent place in my heart, as well as on my wall.

I spent an entire day in May of 2018 lying in the fields of San Juan National Historic Monument, on the south-eastern tip of San Juan Island in Washington, watching the fox kits sleep and tumble and explore their surroundings.  The adults watched from a distance as the half a dozen youngsters played.  

This one, the victim of an encounter with an eagle that was well documented just a few weeks prior, was extremely curious, aware of my presence as I lied down, probing closer to investigate me and my camera, emboldened as the day went along to eventually lay down and pose amongst the wildflowers of late spring.

Tattered Ear

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