Point Reyes
  • Where Coast Meets Countryside

    Located two hours north of San Francisco along the California coastline, Point Reyes National Seashore is one of the highlights of the Central Coast. Featuring abundant wildlife and rich, well-preserved history, it is one of the most popular destinations for those in the Bay Area looking to escape the hustle and bustle of urban life.

    Protected by and Act of Congress in 1962, this National Seashore covers over 70,000 acres of verdant farmland and rugged coast, creating one of the cleanest stretches of coast in all of California. Wildlife, including endangered Roosevelt Elk and migratory Elephant Seals, call this stretch of coast home, and populate its hills and beaches in large numbers. The natural ecology of the Seashore is incredibly well managed and preserved, and the lush greenery of its grassy hills and rich blue of its waters are a peaceful respite from modern distractions.

    In addition to the natural splendor of the seashore, numerous farms still operate within the park boundaries, providing an abundance of fresh, organically produced dairy products. The interior of the coastline, a long narrow tidal estuary called Tomales Bay, is one of the country's finest producers of oysters. Fish populations are healthy and abundant in the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean along the protected boundaries of the park's maritime section, including a nearby breeding ground for the Great White Shark.

    The abundance of life and vibrancy of the natural spaces within the park offer peace and solitude for those looking to venture outside of the ever-growning populated areas of California's coast. The rolling hills and crashing waves offer a unique blending of country simplicity and calm with the beauty and majesty of the always stunning Pacific Coast.

Tomales Bay

Sheltered Waters

Pierce Point

Remnants of a Dairy Ranch

Abbott's Lagoon

A Short Walk to the Sea

Drake's Beach

Landing Point for Sir Francis Drake

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