Zion National Park
  • A Place of Sanctuary

    Zion is, with little argument, the crown jewel of all of Utah’s National Parks. Sitting at the southwestern edge of the state, at the tip of the Colorado Plateau, it is a melting pot of three different deserts, the Colorado, the Mojave, and the Great Basin, and features such varied terrain and ecology, that no two places in the park feel the same.

    Verdant riparian valleys hug the rivers and streams that carve away red and white sandstone to form the iconic mountains and canyons of the park, while high on the upper plateaus, a heavy forest of juniper and pine covers the land, harboring an abundance of animal and plant life, some found nowhere else.

    Towering spires mark the parks most iconic features, Angel’s Landing and the Court of the Patriarchs, The Towers of the Virgin and the White Throne. In the spring, life abounds all through the valley, deer and birds wading in the placid green waters of the Virgin River, frogs and lizards crawling in the pools and grottos formed by innumerable springs and sandstone seeps. In the fall, Cottonwoods burst into golden glory, striking against the deep red of the canyon walls.

    Zion has been viewed as a haven for all who come there since the times of the Ancestral Puebloan peoples. Today millions of annual visitors pay homage to the park, crowding its trails and roads to share in the visual and atmospheric splendor the park has to offer. It is a place where a lifetime would not allow for enough time to fully appreciate, yet a moment is all you need to fall in love.

The Main Canyon

Carved by the Virgin River

The Pa'Rus Trail

A Pleasant Stroll along the River

Towers of the Virgin

Canyon Overlook Trail

Court of the Patriarchs

Riverside Walk

Angel's Landing

West Rim Trail

The Weeping Wall

Hidden Canyon Trail

Observation Point Trail

Cable Mountain

The Narrows

The Eastern Canyon

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