The Grand Tetons
  • Les Trois Tetons

    Grand Teton National Park is located in the northwestern corner of Wyoming, near the resort community of Jackson Hole. The park is named for its iconic mountain range, a spur of the Rocky Mountains that rises up along the Wyoming and Idaho border.

    The eponymous peaks of the Grand Tetons have long inspired those who wandered across their beauty. Originally named by French trappers who once hunted beaver and other game in the bountiful plains beneath them, the mountains apparently reminded these isolated men of things they were missing out on their lonely expeditions. Called Les Tres Tetons by those early European visitors, the name literally means "The Three Breasts" or "The Three Nipples."

    Originally declared a National Park in 1929, Grand Teton is one of the smaller National Parks in the West, but one of the most objectively stunning and impressive. The unique topography of the Teton Range features a dramatic uplift of granite peaks, with a precipitous eastern edge that looms over the bare plain of Antelope Flats. Beneath the shadows of these massive peaks, several beautiful lakes, mostly natural with the exception of the reservoir at Jackson Lake, shimmer in the summer sun.

    Life abounds in the park, with large populations of bison, moose, antelope, elk, bear, and wolf all calling the area home. Benefitting from the shared ecosystem with nearby Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton is one of the finest places in the U.S. to view wildlife in their native habitat.

    Throughout history, the towering pinnacles of Grand Teton National Park has drawn visitors to its sheltered basin. Native tribes revered the area for a span of over 11,000 years, as a place of spirituality and abundance where hunting was plentiful and migrating tribes could take advantage of its mild and bountiful summers. The history of the valley is apparent today, as numerous remnants of Native and European settlement in the area is well preserved for visitors to the park.

    Grand Teton National Park is one of the truly special places in the American West, a beacon for exploration and adventure across the ages, offering an abundance of visual splendor year-round. The call of the mountains is very much a real thing here, and it is impossible not to bow to the call as soon as you lay eyes upon those mighty peaks.

Teton Park Road Scenic Drive

Beneath the Mighty Tetons

Menor's Ferry

Homestead within the Park

Mormon Row

Remnants of Pioneer Days

Jackson Lake

Death Canyon

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